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Who We Are

ASY LEGAL is a young boutique law office established by Ali Yurtsever and Emir Aksoy operating with a small team.

Our aim is to provide the best possible service and consultation to our clients and help them overcome their issues to the best of our efforts.

The young team of ASY Legal allows us to practice our profession in a fresh and dynamic manner and helps us to offer the best service to our clients. With small and focused team, we can provide a more comprehensive and intimate service to a select number of clients.

Established in 2017

Although our office is quite young, our team has the sufficient background and experience to provide you the legal assistance you require.

Our Practice Areas


Although our aim is to always try to settle disputes via amicable settlement, sometimes it is necessary to take the disputes into litigation. In such a case, out team is more than capable and highly experienced in civil and commercial litigation procedures in Turkey and can assisst you in achieving the most desired outcome from a lawsuit.

Real Estate Law

With the construction market on continuing to grow for the past 10 years, legal services for issues concernign real-estate, both purchase and sale and construction, is on high demand. Our team is experienced in these areas and may provide you the assisstance that you may require.

Anti Dumping / Customs Law

Issues and disputes concerning anti-dumping and customs procedures are on the rise in Turkey for the past 10 years. The number of anti-dumping cases along with the new lawsuits against recent surveillance certificate requirements have gone up dramatically.

Debt Collection

Debt collection is one of the fastest growing practice areas in the legal industry today. With unemployment reaching record levels, many consumers no longer have the means to pay their monthly debt and mortgage obligations.

Corporate Law / Corporate Maintenance

Our team is highly experienced in new investments and company formations as well as the yearly maintenance of capital companies.

Immigration Law

With the recent changes and the ability to gain citizenship via invesment, immigration law is one of the fastest growing practice areas in the legal industry today. Citizens of gulf countries are increasingly moving their assets into Turkey to obtain either a residence permit, work permit and/or citizsenship.

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