ASY LEGAL Law Office is a young and boutique law office established in Istanbul, Turkey in early 2017. Although our office is quite young, our team has the sufficient background and experience to provide a wide range of legal assistance to our clients.

Established in 2017

Despite being a quite young law office, ASY LEGAL has already provided legal assistance to transactions amounting to $1 million mostly to the corporate sectors and transactions relating to share transfers and M&A’s. ASY LEGAL’s boutique structure allows us to provide and more through and direct service to our clients, ensuring that our clients always have access to the best service possible.

International Structure

All members of ASY LEGAL are are proficient in English which allows our team to provide bilingual services to our clients where needed. In this respect, ASY LEGAL is excellently equipped to handle foriegn transactions and clients providing services both in English and Turkish if necessary.

Latest Transactions

Despite being a young law office, the experienced team of ASY LEGAL has already contributed to transactions corresponding to $1 million in just two months.


ASY LEGAL’s founding partner and it’s lead practioner Ali Yurtsever has accumulated a considerable amount of experience especially in corporate & commercial law during his past work experiences and him along with the rest of theam are fully equiped to provide the best legal assistance possible to our clients.

How We Work

At ASY LEGAL, we aim to provide the best possible service and legal assistance to our clients and present them the solutions that they require for their issues.

Our office operates within the industry standards and under a few guiding principles.


ASY LEGAL members have a professional obligation and are legally bound by the law to keep any and all information conveyed by the clients within the nature of the attorney client relationship private and confidential at all times.

Best Practice

All members of ASY LEGAL shall show best efforts to implement the business ethics principles and practices referred to all their dealing with the clients. The Firm will disclose to its clients any conflicts of interest that may affect the Firm as well as the Firm’s members’ actions with respect to the relevant transaction of any one of the clients.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

In line with the industry standards, all ASY LEGAL members will also refrain from and prevent any kinds of actions and behaviors that may lead to corruption and/or unethical practices.


All members of ASY LEGAL are strictly against any kind of discrimination, racism and harrasment and will show no discrimination to any one of its clients on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender and/or citizenship or any kind of identity.