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Corporate Law is one of the flagship practices of ASY LEGAL as the team is highly skilled and experienced in all areas concerning corporate law and most of ASY LEGAL’s revenue is generated from this service field.

Our experience in this area and services include but are not limited to company formations and incorporation, share transfers, M&A’s, corporate and commercial contracts and transactions. We can offer tailored services to our clients subject to their specific needs and can reccommend the best course of actions to take in specific circumstances, especially during the incorporation stage.

Since the Turkish Commercial Code, governing most aspects of corporate law, was changed back in 2011 and such changes came into effect as of 2014, it is essential for businesses to better understand the law and rules in order to make the best decisions relating to the business. As ASY LEGAL, we can provide valuable insights and options and present solutions to our clients with regards to such issues.

Our experience includes handling the following types of transactions:
  • Extensive knowledge on capital company types
  • Company formations and incorporation
  • Extensive knowledge on shareholder and board member liabilities in each type of company
  • Execution of share transfers
  • Drafting comprehensive SHA’s for complext share transfer structures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Bankrupcty and Liquidation
  • Company Dissolutions

Along with our corporate law practice, we also offer corporate maintenance services to established companies. Such services can also be offered as a package along with incorporation services to newly established companies.

ASY LEGAL’s team is equally experienced in providing a steady corporate maintenance service to companies and corporations. Such services may include the drafting and registration of yearly general assemblies, keeping track of the companies board memeber appointments and renewing such appointments when expired, assigning new signature powers (may also be limited powers) to certain board members or third parties and to make the required applications to relevant governmental institutions where necessary.